Waiting List

OUR WAITING LIST HAS OPEN SLOTS, please apply to be next in line! Those who submit an application will be contacted first for available waiting list spots or puppies. 

As of 7/1/2021 all puppies will be $2500 USD with limited AKC registration. Full AKC registration is available on request in special circumstances.

We no longer have litter specific waiting lists, but one general list with a maximum of 35 people. The maximum ensures we should be able to get you a puppy within a year of joining the list. The maximum may change as our breeding program grows. 

How it Works

To be added to the waiting list for litters, please fill out a puppy application. When spots open up, YOU WILL GET AN EMAIL ASKING FOR a waiting list application. To access these files, click the buttons named "Puppy Application" and "Waiting List Application" below. Those buttons will take you directly to the electronic form to fill out immediately on your phone, tablet, or computer. 

Most people end up getting a puppy or at least passing on one within a few months, or as fast as a few days. Please only apply for a puppy if you are ready for one.

Waiting List

1. Cathe Wood; long coat female

2.  Lori Young; smooth coat female

3. Julie Shepard; long coat female

4. Laura Castillo; smooth coat male

5. Evan Paley; long or smooth coat male

6. Judy Fannin; long or smooth male or female

7. Shannon Campbell; smooth coat female

8. Kelly Kumagai; long coat female

9. Marissa Tyler; long or smooth coat female

10. Leilua Linboe; smooth coat male

11. Lindsay Cole; smooth or long coat male or female

12. Jamie Derekson; smooth coat male

13. Kira Brownell; smooth coat male or female

14. Jim Shortt; smooth coat male or female

15. Lexie Carasis; smooth or long coat male or female

16. Jamie Derekson; long coat female/possibly male

17. Chelsey Starke; smooth coat female

18. Kathy Burke; long coat male

19. Evan Santacroce; long coat male or female

20. CJ Raygoza; long coat female

21. open

22. open

23. open

24. open

25. open

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28. open

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