Frequently Asked Questions

1. What health testing do you do? 

We do genetic testing for PRA, OFA heart, OFA patellas, and a full coat color genetic panel. 


2. How much do puppies cost?

$2500 with limited AKC registration (Spay/Neuter contract).


3. What is the difference between limited and full AKC registration?

Limited does not include breeding rights, and includes a spay/neuter/no breeding puppy sale contract.


4. What vaccines will my puppy have? Dewormer?

Puppies will receive one DA2PP vaccine at 8 weeks old (from a licensed veterinarian) before they go home, and will be dewormed appropriately according to age up to 8 weeks of age. 

5. Will my puppy be microchipped?

Yes, with an AKC reunite chip that will include a collar tag and several stickers with the microchip number. 

6. Can I meet the parents and my puppy before I buy the puppy?

Yes! Of course. Even with COVID, you are absolutely welcome to come meet the parents and your puppy before purchasing. We are doing outdoor visits, hand sanitizer and masks required, 30 minute limit. 

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