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Why Sand Dollar Dachshunds?

What makes our dogs better?

Health Testing 

All of our dogs are OFA certified normal hearts (their tickers beat correctly!) and OFA certified normal patellas (their kneecaps stay in the correct place).

A Forever Lifeline

We microchip all of our puppies with AKC reunite chips and keep records of all puppies/chip numbers. We are here for the lifetime of any Sand Dollar Dachshund, including if they ever need a place to call home- they can always come home. We are only a call/text/message/email away for the lifetime of your dog for help, advice, and of course pictures!

Early Neurological Stimulation

We practice "Early Neurological Stimulation" (ENS) with all of our puppies. 

"The US Military developed this method designed to improve the performance of future military working dogs, according to the Breeding Better Dogs program developed by Dr. Carmen Battaglia, esteemed breeder, judge, seminar presenter, and AKC board member."

-AKC Web Article "Puppy Socialization Starts with the Breeder: Early Neurological Stimulation"

Puppy Packs

We take sending puppies to a new home very seriously. When we send your puppy home, we try our best to give you informational articles and items you may need, or items to make the transition easier. In your custom SDD tote you will receive an AKC Folder with relevant informational articles, your puppies microchip information and vet record, a custom fridge magnet made with your pup's paw prints, an SDD sticker, a blanket and toy that smell like the litter/dam, a small bag of Purina Pro Plan Puppy Kibble, some puppy pads for the ride home, and other small assorted items. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Fun Fact! 

We have a livestream webcam that allows waitlisters and puppy buyers to watch their puppies be born and grow on! We use wyze cameras and they have a convenient app to watch the puppies on. The camera is on and available to waitlisters/puppy buyers from when the bitch starts whelping to until the last puppy goes home. 

1. What health testing do you do? 

We do genetic testing for PRA, OFA heart, OFA patellas, and a full coat color genetic panel. 


2. How much do puppies cost?

$2500 with limited AKC registration (Spay/Neuter contract).


3. What is the difference between limited and full AKC registration?

Limited does not include breeding rights, and includes a spay/neuter/no breeding puppy sale contract.


4. What vaccines will my puppy have? Dewormer?

Puppies will receive one DA2PP vaccine at 8 weeks old (from a licensed veterinarian) before they go home, and will be dewormed appropriately according to age up to 8 weeks of age. 

5. Will my puppy be microchipped?

Yes, with an AKC reunite chip that will include a collar tag and several stickers with the microchip number. 

6. Can I meet the parents and my puppy before I buy the puppy?

Yes! Of course. Even with COVID, you are absolutely welcome to come meet the parents and your puppy before purchasing. We are doing outdoor visits, hand sanitizer and masks required, 30 minute limit. 

7. What have the puppies been exposed to or started on by the time they go home?

Puppies are introduced to litter training by 4 weeks of age (which sets the stage for potty training or puppy pads to take over when they go home), crate training starts around five weeks of age, at least two short rides in a car, handling by adults and children, playing with other dogs (my dogs in the safety of my home- helps the puppies adjust to larger dogs when they go home), cats, etc.